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kitchen remodelingHow to Plan Out The Timeline For a Kitchen Renovations Chapel Hill Project
Stone will probably run the most money, but will also last the longest. It is available today in many different colors and patterns. If it’s beyond your budget, there are many artificially made faux stone materials that are very attractive and far less costly.

Planning. If you are contemplating a complete remodel, including tear-out, down to white walls, new cabinets, floor, counter, appliances, count on the project taking a minimum or six to eight weeks. The schedule can be delayed depending on the availability of certain materials you have chosen. You will need to make a family plan to deal with the upheaval, and how you are going to prepare and serve meals during this time for Taylor’s Cleaning and Restoration

After all, the kitchen is the hub of any house. You will want to avoid bumps and bruises in your kitchen remodeling on the way to your hub becoming your new paradise.


Bids are something that can make a big difference when you are selecting a kitchen renovation Chapel Hill NC company. The process of explaining every charge that is a part of a bid is very important. A kitchen remodeling company also must have a fairly large staff. The staff needs to be able to work on an extremely careful and detailed schedule. The work is something that needs to get done on a deadline. If a company comes in and seems to just ignore the clock, it can be a bad sign for someone that is trying to get the work done on a strict budget.

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