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garage door repairThere is an idea behind each function and each element in doors do. A door can have many functions besides just open and close. The industrial sectional doors are the ideal solution for large spaces and great maneuverability. Such doors are folded under the roof when releasing open space around the door opening. Thanks to the wide variety of range, industrial sectional doors are harmoniously integrated functional elements and architectural design industry structure, from a universal ship to the most sophisticated standard design building.

They are constructed with polyurethane filled panels to the overhead door providing high strength, thermal insulation and airtightness. Its smooth, quiet operation and efforts, is offset by lateral springs and upper springs. Optionally can lead glass windows, ventilation grilles, Portillon with and without base, … It is also possible to install in the sectional door, pedestrian doors, are a very practical solution to avoid having to open the door every time someone passes. Thanks to a small threshold of a few millimeters will reduce the risk of tripping and facilitates the transition smoothly. Sectional doors also feature anti-theft systems, both manual and automatic drive. The doors are equipped with drive motor of a self-locking gear. The doors with a height greater than 5 meters and have an effect on its weight burglar.

All Garage Door Spring Maintence Madison have drop system and protection against entrapment. Automation by electromechanical motor system itself, commanded by inside button, wave receiver, remote control, photocell and accessories. I call to mind that we help you select the best option for your company. All our facilities meet the requirements of current legislation UNE-EN13241-1 Sectional doors for residential use The traditional counterbalanced door, has taken a very decisive technological step. Then discuss sectional doors, especially the residential. Explain their different manufacturing capabilities and characteristics.

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