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The importance of fleet tracking by Fleet Trax

Every company, from the biggest multinational corporation to the humble village shop at the end of the block, has assets that it either sells or needs to perform its business activities. These assets range from computers and office supplies and equipment to trucks and other vehicles to machines used to manufacture goods. All these assets need to be transported to and from the place of business, often needing to be kept in storage facilities when the distances are too great to permit delivery within a single day.

Thus transported naturally face dangers of all sorts that could result in them being lost. The transporting vehicle may be attacked by robbers or become damaged in a highway accident, along with the goods contained therein. The losses thus incurred can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fleet GPS tracking can be used to reduce the chances of such mishaps, but its value goes fare beyond that: It can increase the company’s returns on investment. Let us take a look at how it can do so.
How It can help

The central principle of this article is best illustrated by means of an example. Let us suppose that Company X, a Minneapolis-based business that sells automobile parts, makes an order for 4,000 steering wheels, each costing $776 for a total of $3,104,000, from a manufacturer in Detroit. As the truck turns of the interchange between Interstates 55 and 80, a band of robbers holds the driver at gunpoint and makes off with the cargo, which they hope to sell themselves. Without a monitor, it would be difficult to track down the culprits and recover the stolen goods, which would mean over $3 million in lost goods—not to mention the loss of time and the money spent in the process. With a good system on the other hand, the driver could secretly alert the central company, which could dispatch a police unit to the location where, according to the GPS reader, the robbery was taking place, and the robbers would be apprehended before they could get very far.

This can also enable the company to save money on gasoline consumption, roadside assistance and overhead expenses while at the same time increasing productivity. They can even double the returns on investments made in merchandise and transportation.

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